History and brief description of the facility

Pierros Verde opened its doors in April 2023.
It is part of a unique 5-star project, set on a pine tree hill, overlooking the bay and the olivegroves on its foothill.
“Verde”, meaning “green” in Italian reveals the dialectical relationship of the building with the natural landscape surrounding it, consisting mainly of olive and pine trees and native aromatic herbs of the Greek countryside.
The nickname “Pierros” is an homage to the ancestors of the owners’ family, whose traditional cottage was placed on the foothill and was partially destroyed by an earthquake which struck the island of Zakynthos in 1952.
Eco-friendly materials were used in the construction of the hotel and its architecture is a direct reference to the venetian mansions, which were a landmark of the island before the earthquake.
All 32 suites of the hotel provide exquisite elegance, privacy and a feeling of blending into the surrounding landscape.
The restaurant pays a tribute to the local cuisine and a creative way of cooking, using local and fresh products, many of them from our own farm.
The spa facilities will make sure that relaxation, face and body care will make your vacations even more precious.
This harmonious combination sets the ideal environment for a long or short escape from the rhythms of everyday life.